At CAS Food Purantara, our people are our most valuable asset. Every staff is challenged and empowered to always share the ideas and ways to enhance the day to day business of satisfying the clients’ needs. This approach together with various appropriate trainings truly is a rewarding experience for our people. At CAS Food Purantara, there is no day goes by without new ideas or skills being learned or taught among all the staff. With reasonable number of young, talented and energetic staff, the career path and opportunities for development growth are always there, thus becoming one of the best incentives that the company is offering.

At CAS Food Purantara, only the freshest raw materials are accepted. We choose our suppliers who manage their own farms or buy our seafood directly from the fish market, and when it comes to lobsters, we only use live lobsters. The company believes that only by doing the extra miles, the best resources both in our people and our raw materials can be acquired.

Each and every person at CAS Food Purantara believes that highest level of customer satisfaction is the main objective to be achieved on every delivery. This goes from all level of employees and applies on all types of tasks, from ensuring the highest international standard of food safety is consistently applied, delivering the correct meal on time into the aircraft, selection of the best quality of raw materials, promptly responding to customer’s inquiry and also giving the best value for our customer budget in a very competitive and professional way.

At CAS Food Purantara, the importance of customer satisfaction starts from our extensive in-house and ex-house trainings and courses.