Food safety is of paramount importance at CAS Food Purantara. To ensure that the highest international standard of Food Safety is consistently applied, CAS Food Purantara has subsequently committed to consistently implement the ISO-9001:2008 and HACCP Quality System and is certified by the SAI Global Australia.

All of our employees are subjected to a strict medical check by certified medical practitioner appointed by the company before they join, this is followed by a scheduled medical checks twice a year. Through-out our facilities, we maintain the highest standard of temperature requirement in order to guarantee food safety. Below are our standard of temperatures on some of our working areas, walk-in chillers, and walk-in freezers:

food safety

We also equipped all of our Hi-lift Trucks with refrigerators which can reach down to 0°C if it’s required, and max 4° C in a normal operation. This guarantees safe temperature until the meals are delivered into the aircraft.

Our certified hygiene officers check to ensure that the above temperatures are in forced at all time.