Total land available : 14,000 sqm.
Total building : 11,500 sqm (Including the New Expansion Facility).
Distance to apron : Approx. 500 meters (4 minutes).
Facilities : Hot kitchen, cold kitchen, pastry, bakery, dishing area, ESUarea,TSU area, laundry, In-house laboratory, dishwashing area, dry store, walk-in freezers, walk-in chillers, and Bonded zone area.
Current Production : - Lounge approx. 1,500 meals/day.-Infilght meals approx. 6000 meals/day
Max production capacity : 15,000 – 18,000 meals/day.
Hi-lift trucks : 12 units, refrigerated with a max temp of 4°C.
Delivery Vans : 6 units, air-conditioned with a max temp of 12°C.
Integrated IT system : ORACLE Production System.
Specialty Chefs : Western, Japanese, Middle East, Chinese Cuisine.
Other features : Potable water ( R/O System ), Integrated CCTV Computerized,system.